Pregnancy is a time of physical changes on many levels. Our body’s going to undergo a transformation, as it’s growing a new life. And that, my friends, is quite exhausting. You need to take care of yourself and develop healthy habits. Here are some tips for your everyday care during pregnancy.

Some advice about looking after yourself during these wonderful months.

  • Set your alarm clock ten minutes earlier so that you can take your time getting up. Stretch and start the day with a smile. If you’re in the first trimester, morning sickness may be trying to spoil these early days for you. Don’t forget to keep a snack on hand to keep the sickness at bay.
  • Breakfast is an important meal for all of us, but it’s essential for you now. Just think of your little one! Try fresh fruit, cereal, dairy products or nuts. Make a weekly plan combining all those foods that will give you energy and vitality to start your day off.
  • Make exercise part of your routine! At the start of your pregnancy you might continue with your usual habits, including a lack of time. Try walking to work. If it’s a long way from home, park a couple of blocks away and walk the rest of the way. Or if you go by public transport, get off a couple of stops early.
  • Try to find an activity you like, and you can do that during your pregnancy. Keeping fit will not just help you with the birth, it will also help you recover afterwards.
  • Have you heard of Kegel exercises? The sooner you start doing them, the more your pelvic floor will thank you for it. Talk to your midwife!
  • Don’t spend more than an hour sitting down, whether you’re at work or at home. Try to move around to activate your circulation.
  • As your pregnancy progresses there’s a key word that you mustn’t forget: rest! Try to take a break in the middle of the afternoon to switch off and recharge your batteries.
  • Be more careful than ever about what you eat! Not only must you try to eat a healthy and varied diet, you should also have five meals a day.
  • Look after your legs! Drink plenty of liquids, take daily walks, have contrast baths and, why not, ask your partner to give you a little massage from time to time.
  • If you’ve been having back ache, don’t wait! Find a reliable physiotherapist who can help you to stop it getting worse.
  • Don’t forget to visit the dentist! Pregnancy can affect your dental health.

Don’t forget that your well-being is important for your baby’s sake!