Pregnancy is a time when you need certain supplements to favour your baby’s development and ensure your own physical well-being. We’ve already talked about essential supplements such as folic acid. Today we’re going to tell you about the importance of iodine, which can also be taken from the moment you decide to get pregnant to ensure you have a sufficient intake.

What’s it for?

Iodine is necessary for our thyroid gland to work properly. Did you know that the thyroid doesn’t develop until after the first trimester of pregnancy? This means that the mother’s thyroid has to work overtime. You’ll therefore need more iodine, which is essential for your baby’s brain development.

Iodine deficiency could result in gestational hypothyroidism, which poses significant risks, including a greater probability of miscarriage, intrauterine growth restriction, hypothyroidism in the baby, subsequent learning difficulties, etc.

What do the official bodies recommend?

The recommendation of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is to add a daily supplement of at least 200 mg of iodine to your regular diet. This applies to women who are planning to have a baby, those who are already pregnant and to nursing mothers.

But it should also form a natural part of our diet. Iodised salt, fish, seafood and dairy milk should all be among the foods we eat regularly.

As always, your doctor will perform the necessary checks during your pregnancy to make sure your thyroid hormone levels are just as they should be.

Did you know about this recommendation? Are you taking your iodine supplement?